Change Existing Subscription Price in the Foxy Admin

This article covers how to change the subscription amount charged for an existing subscription through the Foxy admin (v2.0).
  1. Open the subscriptions settings in the Foxy admin (link).
  2. Locate the customer's subscription (using filters if needed to search for it). Once you find it, click the Edit button to edit the subscription.
  3. While in edit mode, click the Advanced Edit button to reveal the transaction template for the subscription - this is an XML representation of the customers subscription which you can edit to change what it will charge moving forward.
  4. To change the amount charged, look for the product_price node, and change the price there to the desired amount. Take care to only change the value within the square brackets. Here's an example:
  5. Click Update to save the changes.
You'll then see the subscription summary again, and you should see the new price display, and that will be what the customer is charged moving forward.

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