Update a customer's billing information

You can change a customer's payment and/or address information on behalf of your customer by using Unified Order Entry (UOE), which allows you to use a master password to log in as the customer. Here's how:
  1. Make note of the customer's email address
  2. Go to your Advanced Settings in the FoxyCart admin.
  3. Copy the password from the unified order entry password text box to your computer's clipboard.
  4. In a browser window, insert the following URL into the address bar (replacing your-store-domain with your own store domain): https://your-store-domain.foxycart.com/cart?cart=updateinfo
  5. Enter the customer's email address in the Email field.
  6. Paste in the password that you copied from UOE settings.
  7. You should now be able to update the customer's info.
  8. Click Update My Information to save the new information.