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Foxy's downloadable product functionality allows for a quick, secure, and easy way to sell any type of file. While the concept of selling a downloadable product may seem pretty straightforward, there are many questions that come up, which we'll attempt to address below.

How to Create Downloadable Products

Please read this article to learn more about creating a downloadable product.

How are downloadables different from normal products?

Unlike normal Foxy products, downloadable products must be created explicitly in the Foxy admin, and given a name, code, and price. (Note that for downloadable products the code is required.) Downloadables must also have a category set, and that category must be set to “Downloaded by the customer” under the category's product delivery options.
The price that is set in the admin will be the price of the downloadable, and the price parameter in any add-to-cart link or form will be ignored unless your store is using product verification and the price is not zero.
Further, since the downloadable product's name is set in the admin, the name parameter need not be included in the product's add-to-cart link or form (though it won't hurt to include it).
Downloadables currently do not support product level discounts, but can still be discounted by using either category level discounts, or our coupon functionality.

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