Create a subscription

To create a subscription product, simply use the sub_frequency parameter with a valid value.


Valid Frequency Values

Any integer (maximum of 3 digits) followed by a single character denoting the unit of time.

every 60 days.
every two weeks. For date calculations, 1w = 7d.
every month. When you use the m unit, FoxyCart will assign billing to the current (or assigned) day of the month, to be repeated every x months. The date will be moved up when necessary; if set to the 31st, it will process on the 30th of months with 30 days (or 28th/29th of February).
every year.
twice a month. IMPORTANT: The .5 value only works with m (months). This value will setup bi-monthly subscriptions, once on the start date, and again 15 days later. Example: if you set it to start on the 3rd, it will run on the 3rd and the 18th of each month.

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