Filtering Transactions

You can also use the transactions report page within your stores FoxyCart administration as a basic order management facility. As you process orders and send them off, you can hide those transactions as a way to show that the transaction has been fulfilled. To hide a transaction, select the checkbox that relates to its listing and click the 'Hide checked transactions' button at the bottom of the page. This will mark those transactions as hidden, and they won't be visible by default on the transactions report page. To view previously hidden transactions, you'll need to change the “transaction display status” filter to “hidden” to just view previously hidden transactions, or “both” to view all.

Filtering Transactions

  1. If you're not already there, go to the transactions report from within your Foxy admin.
  2. Transactions can be filtered by many criteria. Some criteria filters are shown by default.
  3. You can filter by any of these criteria by entering or selecting an option from the list. You can see additional fields to filter on by selecting the add filter: dropdown. For example, you can search by the customer's ID, Last Name, or First Name, or a combination of Last and First Name. We'll use that as an example.
  4. Click add filter: and select First Name from the list. You'll see first name: added as a filter criteria:

  5. To add the Last Name, go back to add filter: and click the dropdown, then select Last Name from the list. You'll now see the last name: added as a filter criteria:
  6. From there, you can type in the customer's first name in the first name: box and the customer's last name in the last name: box and click the Filter button.
  7. You'll see the pagination totals that show total transactions returned for the filters as well as the details listing of results found:

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