Our Official Domains & Public Code

We use a few different domains (both our own and 3rd parties) to host different pieces of the Foxy infrastructure and code. To prevent phishing and give you increased visibility into what we're doing, we want to make it very clear what is officially "Foxy" and what isn't. Be sure when interacting with us that you're on one of these domains. When in doubt, just ask.

Our Own Domains


Used to host official Foxy.io websites and content, such as www.foxy.io, support.foxy.io, status.foxy.io, etc.

📧✔️Emails are sent from this domain. Please rely on SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

Subdomains of Note:

  • foxy.io: Our official "www" or "marketing" website.
  • admin.foxy.io: The new official admin. Currently still in beta.
    • auth.foxy.io: An authentication helper for the new admin.
  • status.foxy.io: Our official status page.
  • support.foxy.io: Our official knowledge base and support site.
  • *.integrations.foxy.io: Official, Foxy-hosted and maintained integrations with 3rd parties.



Currently used for a mix of official and user-controlled subdomains.
📧✔️Emails are sent from this domain. Please rely on SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.
The following official domains will be migrated to *.foxy.io as we're able:


Used for official demos and documentation, primarily related to our official open source codebases, such as sdk.foxy.dev and elements.foxy.dev.
📧🚫Emails are not sent from this domain. Please rely on SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

Social Media

Please like/subscribe/friend/follow up on your platform of choice. We're not super active, but we do share content more regularly on social networks than we do on our own blog.
📧⚠️ We do not control emails sent from these 3rd parties.

Open Source Code

All official open source codebases that we maintain can be found at the following locations:
📧⚠️ We do not control emails sent from these 3rd parties.
  • github.com/foxy has all our newer open source code.
  • github.com/foxycart has a few older repositories. Moving forward, all public code will be at the Foxy organization.
  • npmjs.com packages under @foxy.io are ours (and generally auto-publish from the @Foxy Github repositories).
  • foxy-shop.com is our official Wordpress plugin.
    📧🚫No emails are sent from foxy-shop.com

Our Naming Conventions

We make all attempts at adhering* to the following naming convention for public repositories and packages:
  • foxy- prefix is to be used for all public repositories.
  • env- is the environment the code is intended for, such as php, node, python, ruby, etc. Note that browser is assumed to be the default*, and is omitted if the code can be used in the browser.
  • name attempts to clearly yet succinctly communicate the intended purpose of the code.
*We make no guarantees on this, because honestly it can be pretty difficult :)

Other Official Accounts & Services

🐞bugcrowd.com/foxycart is our official vulnerability management platform. Details here.

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