Create a purchase button in Webflow

Add Sidecart Functionality

To display the sidecart when a customer adds a product to cart, you must first load the needed Foxy loader file into your website.
  1. In the FoxyCart admin, go to the Sample Code page here
  2. Copy the code snippet from the Step 1 textarea
  3. In Webflow go to your Site Settings page
  4. Click on the Custom Code link at top
  5. Paste the code snippet into the Footer Code textarea
  6. Click the green “Save Changes” button

Add Link or Button

You can turn any element in Webflow into a purchase link (ie: text, buttons, images, etc.) You can find a sample Foxy product link here.
  1. In Webflow, go to your site Designer page
  2. Add a Button element
  3. Modify button text and style as needed
  4. Under Link Settings, add your Foxy product link
  5. Publish changes

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