Updating a Subscriber's Payment or Address Information

This method assumes that the UOE (Unified Order Entry) password is active for your store. Note that this will change the payment information for all subscriptions associated with this customer.

  1. Go to your Advanced Settings in the FoxyCart admin for your store.
  2. Copy the password from the "unified order entry password:" text box.
  3. Head over to subscriptions, still in your FoxyCart admin.
  4. Find the subscription you're trying to update payment for and click "Edit".
  5. Scroll until you see "Direct To Checkout" and click the link directly below the introductory text. This will show you the checkout as the customer would see it.
  6. Go ahead and paste in the password that you copied from UOE settings.
  7. You should now be able to update the customer's info.
  8. Click "Update My Subscription" to save the new information.