Which Foxy Plan Is Right For You?

At Foxy, we hate being nickel and dimed, and we don't ever want our users to feel that way, so we try to offer all our features to all our users, as much as possible. We also have flat-fee usage-based pricing, because we've found that's the most fair way for all our users. (Unlike most other ecommerce systems, we don't charge a % of your sales, because it doesn't matter to us if you're selling $1, $10, $100, or $1000 items.)
That said, we do offer a few different plans, and there are situations when you might to go with one of our higher-priced plans even if your volume doesn't necessarily mandate it. What makes sense for you will depend on what you'll need from us, so we'll lay out some general ideas, then use some examples to get more specific.

Don't have a web developer?

We love helping, but we're unable to function as your web developer. If you don't have somebody reliable and trustworthy who can handle the day-to-day maintenance of your website, we're happy to put you in touch with developers we recommend :)

In General…

Our Standard Plan is best for small businesses, or merchants who don't need as much hand-holding from Foxy. We'll get you answers to your questions quickly, and will share best practices and sample code from our docs. We generally won't be able to write new code (HTML, js, CSS) for you, but we have lots of sample code that we can walk you through tweaking yourself.
Our Advanced Plan works great for merchants who know they'll sell a little higher volume, or who'd like to lean on us to augment their developers in advanced customizations. We'll get you a private Slack channel, provide in-depth phone consultations for best-practices and functionality, and can provide custom proof-of-concept sample code.
Our Enterprise Plan is great if…
  • You're selling +$500k/yr and growing, and would like for us to get you custom solutions, consulting, and/or migration assistance.
  • You'd like weekly meetings.
  • You need us to sign your own agreement, need an official SLA, or have specific compliance requirements you need us to meet.
  • You need us to build a custom ERP, tax system, or other integration.
  • You'd like new custom functionality.

Example: Customer Portal Customizations with a CRM & LMS

Let's say you want to use Foxy to sell access to a membership site, that's also connected to Hubspot or Zoho CRM, and an LMS (Learning Management System) for your subscribers/members to do courses. Very cool use case! But how much we can help you connect those dots will depend on your plan:
  • Standard Plan: 
    • Support: We'd point you in the right direction to our documentation, and provide high-level advice. Things like: You'd need to check with your LMS provider to see how you can sync users and handle SSO (Single Sign On), as well as checking with their API so you can provision access. You'd want to use Zapier or the API to sync data between Foxy and your CRM.
    • Custom code: We'd point to existing code samples and documentation. For instance, we'd point to our starter scripts to work the API or webhooks, but at $20/mo we can't write custom code for you while running a sustainable business :)
  • Advanced Plan: 
    • Support & Onboarding: We'd have multiple conference calls to determine your specific needs, and we'd help get you specifics by digging through some documentation. For instance, does your LMS support the necessary functionality to do what you need? Can your CRM embed pre-filled forms, and if so, what's the best way to connect those to Foxy so the Foxy customer portal login can also get your customers the ability to see or edit addition non-Foxy data? We'll help walk you through all the steps so there aren't any surprises. We'll also make ourselves available via a private Slack channel so you or your devs can get immediate answers as they implement. 
    • Custom code: We'd provide specific proof-of-concept code for your environment. For instance, code to customize the customer portal to include additional custom blocks to connect CRM data. We'd work with you or your developers on specific API requests and responses for you to debug. You would be responsible for implementing everything, but our proof-of-concepts will save you considerable time, and will be customized for your specific use case and environment.
  • Enterprise:
    • Support & Onboarding: Here we'd do everything in the Advanced Plan, but we'd actually build some things for you. Before starting the project, we'd lay out what would be best for Foxy to handle, and what you'd handle on your end. Once that's determined…
    • Custom code: We'd provide production-ready code for you to host, or that we'd host for you, to handle functionality specific to Foxy. For instance, we might build a custom serverless application to sync data between your CRM, LMS, and Foxy, and to handle customer portal modifications and SSO with your LMS. We'd devote a number of hours per month to maintain that, and/or to build additional new Foxy-related functionality according to your needs.

Example: Custom Upsells

Let's say you want to get really specific with a custom upsell flow, where you have a multi-step process that attempts to increase the per-transaction quantity to at least 3, and offers a discount for converting your order to a subscription. Great idea!
  • Standard:
    • Support: We'd make sure you're clear on the concepts and some best practices, and point you to documentation and examples for interacting with the cart via javascript.
    • Custom code: None.
  • Advanced:
    • Support: We'd help you work through any potential gotchas. We'd walk through the whole flow with you, and brainstorm different approaches and logic.
    • Custom code: We'd be able to whip up some javascript to show exactly how to trigger events in your specific context. Depending on the needs, we might provide specific code showing how to modify the foxy-items-form web component for your context. It wouldn't be "this code is ready to deploy," but it would be "this code shows exactly what you need to do."
  • Enterprise:
    • Support: We'd figure out exactly what you wanted, and, if desired and according to our agreement…
    • Custom code: We'd build it out for you :)

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