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We highly recommend that all users have their own Foxy admin user IDs rather than sharing an ID. This reduces the chances of issues when logging in and verifying the browser. Additionally, it allows for better security and more precise change history. You can add users in the Foxy admin here.

Follow these steps to log in and verify the browser:

  1. Delete any old browser verification emails in your inbox from us. Accidentally clicking on the wrong email will cause issues.
  2. Go to our login page:
  3. Input your login info and ensure that the remember and trust this browser option is checked, assuming you are not on a public or other person's computer.
  4. You should be prompted with a message about browser confirmation
  5. Check your email for an email from Foxy and click on the link in the email (email needs to be clicked on the same computer from where you're logging into Foxy)

That should log you in and you shouldn't have to confirm the browser for a couple of months.

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